Customer Service/Office Staff

Providing an outstanding customer experience is crucial to any business, and a Customer Service Representative position at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the first point of contact in making sure our customers are treated right from the get-go.

CSRs are responsible for possessing an extensive knowledge of our services, while also having the ability to ask open-ended questions to gauge a customer’s needs, and the ability to make recommendations and point them in the right direction on what’s best for them.

Customer Service Representative Skills

Effective listening communication


High school diploma or GED

What is a Customer Service Representative?

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, one of the most important roles in the company is that of a CSR (customer service representative).

Our CSRs serve as the main points of contact for all customers and potential customers, helping to start a dialogue that leads to us eventually helping them move forward in their lives. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK CSRs exhibit each of the company core values that helped build the foundation of this company, and work their hardest with customers to provide an enjoyable and satisfying customer service experience.

A CSR’s main tasks would include:

  • Answering calls, responding to all voicemails, and completing follow-up calls
  • Handling all emails and online leads through our internal move software
  • Working their best to accurately determine a customer’s needs, inputting them into our internal move software and providing a cost estimate for their move
  • Describing value of using TWO MEN AND A TRUCK services and educating customers on all policies, procedures, and what they can expect on move day
  • Preparing all move-related information and ensuring it’s thorough and clearly documented for the movers and drivers
  • Performing confirmation calls, move in-progress calls, and post-move calls to obtain customer feedback

CSRs are an integral part of what we do here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, and help to bridge the gap between potential customers and the professional moving services we provide!


  • Day-to-day work variety
  • Mobility
  • Competitive salary
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Career advancement
  • Peer support
  • Family environment and camaraderie
  • Ongoing training opportunities 

Office Staff Positions

Although our movers and drivers are out on the frontline moving our customers daily, it takes a dedicated office team at each of our franchise locations to make the business run smoothly.

Each TWO MEN AND A TRUCK location hires a number of hardworking employees to a variety of positions, ranging everywhere from general office administration to marketing, sales, and much, much more.

Women typing on computer


Bookkeepers work to assist franchisees and management in keeping track of all financial aspects related to the franchise by preparing financial reports to keep the business aligned with their budget and financial goals. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining a budget, guiding the business in financial decisions, and tracking franchise expenses.
Employee with customer


In-home sales consultants visit customers’ homes and businesses to help better gauge their moving and get a better understanding of how we can support them during their move. IHCs do not perform cold-selling, and all in-home estimates are performed for customers who have contacted a franchise and requested an estimate.
Employee dispatching movers


The first point of contact for movers and drivers out in the field, dispatchers work to keep track of moving crews daily and help them trouble-shoot any obstacles a moving team may face. Responsibilities may include working in the field, delivering supplies, and performing quality control checks on moves.
Employee sitting behind desk

Office assistant

Office assistants handle all administrative duties relevant to the franchise such as supporting sales and operations teams, printing move-related paperwork, filing, and maintaining stock of office supplies. Responsibilities may also include move confirmation calls with customers, assisting walk-in customers, or answering incoming customer calls.
Women sitting at office table


Franchise marketers work to develop and execute a marketing plan to promote TWO MEN AND A TRUCK products and services to potential customers. These tasks are performed through various avenues including awareness campaigns, social media, advertising, grassroots efforts, and print ads. Marketers also participate in the community on behalf of the company by coordinating charitable efforts and attending networking events.