ian - Compliance And Safety Specialist


Operations Coordinator

“Moving People Forward” is an important building block for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® - not just for the customers we serve every day, but also for the employees who help make everything possible. Year after year, employees are able to move their way up through the company, and Ian Telfer is another great example of this.

He wasn’t looking to work at the company long-term, but over the years, it’s transitioned into his career.

“It started out as a summer job before I went to college,” Ian said. “My sister’s friend worked for the company, and suggested that I apply.”

Ian applied at the Lansing, Michigan franchise location for a moving position in the summer of 2012, and the rest is history. Shortly after being accepted for the moving position, he was promoted to a driver. A team lead position opened in 2014, and he applied and was selected.

In July of 2015, he moved from Lansing to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and became a satellite franchise manager. This position eventually led him back to the Lansing area, where he was able to fit into his new position – DOT Compliance and Safety Specialist.

“I like the culture of both the Lansing and the Mt. Pleasant offices,” Ian said. “I enjoy spending time around the frontline staff, it really makes for a fun and eventful day.”

When Ian isn’t working, he enjoys participating in various sport-related activities. He has spent time as a youth wrestling coach, and also enjoys playing sand volleyball and kickball in the summer.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® has taken Ian on a journey into the professional world, and what started off as something small, has grown into a way of life. He is thankful for the opportunities given to him by the company, and how they’ve helped develop him professionally.

“I think moving heavy items up and down stairs six days a week gave me a strong sense of work ethic,” Ian said. “From a professional standpoint, it helped me build up my resume and network. I’m now able to move people forward.”

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